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Private storage is unregulated, thereby affording clients a higher level of discretion than bank vaults offer.  Reporting of inventory or personal details does not occur. Other than providing basic anti-money laundering documentation, such as ID and a utility bill, clients can assume as much anonymity as they wish. Customs inspections on our bonded inventory are a third measure of governance, thus providing the level of oversight expected from Best-in-Class private-custody operations.


VaultMax meets the highest standards of secure storage. Our multi-layered security measures are designed to safeguard our clients’ inventories by way of UL3- and UL2-rated vaults, UL3-rated security doors, a biometrically- engaged flow system, redundant power systems and use of steel and concrete throughout the entire facility. Our facility has 24/7 on-site and off-site camera and alarm monitoring systems, and we are located just minutes from the local zone police station.


VaultMax insurance policies are all underwritten by an A-rated London insurance market policy. Verification certificates are available upon request. Our safe-deposit boxes are all offered with complimentary US$10,000 insurance coverage, with higher limits available upon request. Should a client prefer vaulted storage, then full insurance coverage on all inventories is included. Political risk insurance against confiscation is also available upon request.

Duty-Free Bonded Storage

Since VaultMax is located within a legally-designated Special Economic Area, we are licensed as a duty-free and tax-exempt facility. This allows our clients to benefit from some invaluable advantages from our Customs bonded box rental options or Class III offshore Customs bonded storage. Since there are no duties reflected on rental invoices, complete anonymity when transporting cargo in-country is maintained.

Private Offshore Vault and Safe-Deposit Box Storage

VaultMax is a Best-in-Class private and secure offshore vault and safe-deposit box storage facility located in the Special Economic Area (SEA) of Panama Pacifico (formerly Howard Air Force Base) just outside Panama City. VaultMax prides itself in being at the leading edge of private custody with its technologically-advanced and discreet approach to highly secure storage.

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